365 Day Photo Project – Day 4

Today has been a relaxing day.  My loving husband took care of the kids in the morning so I could get some much needed rest and then when I slowly crawled out of my room, I had an urge to do some cooking.  And since I need some practice taking food pictures, I decided to post my Sunday creation, Bread Pudding.  Hope it looks yummy.  I definitely need lots more practice with staging my food and with capturing it correctly, but practice makes perfect, right?

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4 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 4

    • Thanks for the feedback! I just have to show it in a prettier dish definitely. That dish is so old, and I wasn’t thinking I was going to take a picture of it until after I made it. But my staging definitely makes it look more homey I guess. Glad you think it’s the same quality as in cook books!! That’s exciting to hear.

  1. The door shots and your commentary are terrific! How did you get the doors to be so “different” and stunning?

    Also, the pictures of the kids along with the commentary is wonderful; especially if you are known to the “looker”.

    Why you were timid about entering the field of photography is a mystery to me. You can tell us all later. Also, some of your scenery shots are pretty darn good. The other half…..well….regular stuff at best.

    Keep it up. With the commentary you are on your way to a wonderful album. I will follow you closely!

    • Hey fsauberman! I’m “timid” about doing this because it’s a hard thing to hear that you’re not good, or your work isn’t up to par with the rest of them. I sometimes would rather dream that I can do this instead of finding out that I can’t. Anyway, glad you like the newer photos, the other stuff was my starting point…so far I do feel that I’m improving, so that’s good :). The door layout was two shots of the same thing. I just reversed one to make it a mirror image and smacked them next to each other. I also put a frame around them that makes the doorway look like it’s repeating even more than it is normally. That shot is my favorite shot to date since it was artistic and different. Keep watching and don’t forget to follow my blog if you haven’t already.

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