365 Day Photo Project – Day 6

Last night my husband decided to do some more landscaping work in our backyard.  So, as it usually happens when he is working outside, all the kids on our street come over to play because they love hanging out with him so much.  Maybe he doesn’t get as much work done, but everyone definitely has a good time, including him.  Here is a photo of one of our neighbors sitting on a bridge in our backyard (yep, my husband built that bridge).  And to keep in theme with all the hard work my husband does, this photo has been edited per his request.  Hope you like it!

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10 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 6

  1. My hubby does awesome woodwork like that too!!! Wow is that a fantastic bridge!! I don’t know how you got the perfect lighting for that picture, but it sure is an eyecatching one!! I hope you don’t mind that someone you don’t even know or have never heard of {me} commenting on your pictures!!!

    • I definitely don’t mind you commenting on my pictures! I welcome it actually. We have a high powered spotlight that my husband uses when doing yard work at night, and when I saw how it was shining right over that bridge, it made me go inside to get my camera because I had to play with that setting. The lighting was actually very harsh, and not the best for what I was doing. I had to edit this picture massively to get it to work. Thanks for your comment and feel free to comment on anything on my site.

  2. I love that he’s off center. I love that the brightest light is on him. Would be a great pic for a card or an advertisement. Or just for his mom I’m a frame. Good job!

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