365 Day Photo Project – Day 7

Today I will try to post 2 pictures since I was not able to post anything yesterday.  What was the hold up you ask?  Well, Thor and was sick with a high fever!  Poor guy.  Of course I had to interrogate him with a picture or two.  You can tell by his enthusiasm in this shot what he thought of me at that moment.  One day I’ll get a picture of him smiling, I promise.  But he is a pretty cute pouter, don’t you think?

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9 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 7

  1. He is a cute pouter:-) look at those red lips! Looks like he’s got on lipstick.I wish my lips were naturally that color! Good pic hun. Ur really doing good. Let me kn.ow when ur ready to venture out into a group photo…I know the perfect large family for the challenge.

    • Now, I did do some editing of course :). His lips aren’t completely that color naturally. Yes, when I am ready, I am definitely going to have you guys be my family photo shoot guinea pigs. We’ll work something out and do that soon. I could use the practice, as long as you guys don’t mind that I am still playing around with things.

    • Wow, I just looked up and realized I already commented on this one. Well, I have had a cold all week. Brain is in a fog. Haha.

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