365 Day Photo Project – Day 9

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  I am not one to believe in the horrors of this day, if anything I find it to be one more thing to celebrate.  Today I have decided to post a more abstract photo that captured the moment of something out of the ordinary, and maybe a little spooky perhaps {insert spooky sounds here}.  A paper airplane that landed perfectly in the crack of the sidewalk and remained upright! Do you think this is Friday the 13th karma or just coincidence?  I vote for the former.  Hope you like my pic.  I wish I had gotten better focus on the edges of the plane, but I still like the shot.

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8 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 9

    • I totally get what you’re talking about now. I like how you have the “blogs that you follow”…but it does take up a lot of space. I changed it to use the image you had, I like that. Thanks for pointing out my need for updating…and now the traffic (if any), can go straight to your page with the links on it.

    • Thanks! Just added a pin it button to each of my pics. Kind of a pain in the butt since the real pin it button graphic wasn’t working…had to steal a different button from them. What do you think? If you wouldn’t mind trying it out for me and pinning something (don’t want to pin my own stuff…might seem weird to people) that would be cool. If you do let me know if there are issues. Thanks for the help!

  1. I like the idea of the pic but I agree with you that it would’ve been even cooler if the plane wings could’ve been more in focus with the sidewalk a bit fuzzy.

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