365 Day Photo Project – Day 10

Well, I thought it was about time I post a picture of myself.  If I can figure out how to crop a perfect circle, I think I’ll make this one my company gravatar/logo.  What do you think?  Anyone know any tricks to cropping a perfect circle?

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8 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 10

  1. I know ur hoping for crisism from someone with experience. Sorry its just lil ole me 🙂 is the bbq knob?? It made me chuckle, but it really an awsome picture.

  2. Crop circle in PS:
    In the top tool bar, select [view] [rulers]
    In the new white gutters the look like rules in the top and left sides, click and drag the top one to drag the little line to touch the top of your circle. Now grab the the left on and drag right.
    Now use the shortcut key “c” to select the crop tool. if you move your cursor close to any of the intersecting corners and drag to the opposing corners – it should snap into place. Click to complete the crop.


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