52 Week Photo Project – Shine

The topic for week 2 is “Shine”.  At first I had a really hard time coming up with anything for this theme, then it seemed that everything I took was perfect.  I even got my husband involved (hence the pyrotechnics) and had an awesome time with this.  So, I decided to post 3 pics and ask for your opinion on which one I should officially submit to the 52 week project group.  Can’t wait to find out what everyone says.  Please don’t be shy, leave a comment with your vote and if you are addicted to Pinterest like I am, you can now pin my pictures with the little “P” button underneath the photo.

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13 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Project – Shine

    • I definitely see your point on that…and your reason is not lame! Thanks for the vote. The one thing I am the most excited about is I hardly edited the photos at ALL! The middle one is the most edited photo, and all I did with that was crop a bit and adjust the color.

    • Thanks JS. You would be proud because I whipped out my tripod for it. First time ever! Now I see why you and Nick have stayed up all night camping just taking pictures of the fire :). Oh, be glad you weren’t there…something bad almost happened…but it didn’t.

  1. I like the middle one because it contrasts well with the background, but I also like the last one. No reason. I just like it. What almost happened at the campfire? Mom

  2. I get such different vibes from all three! You’ve probably already submitted one, but just in case: I love the middle one as well. It feels almost like I’m watching it go off; you captured the movement so well.

  3. I like the middle one with the contrast between light and dark, although I do see how it might not feel as “grounded” as the first one.

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