365 Day Photo Project – Day 13

I can tell the creativity is slowly washing away.  I had some photo block today and went with the old standby, my little one.  He is a character though and always brings something interesting to my photos I think.  This photo sums him up perfectly.  He went and got all of the stuff that he’s messing with all by himself…so random.  The main thing I do like about this photo is that I got really good focus on his eyes which I’ve been practicing on.  And going along with my personal challenge, this photo has not been edited at all (save for the watermark at the top).

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4 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 13

  1. I was hoping with the rain we had u would get some cool rain pics, or puddles or something…id say, next time, but ya never know when that will be here. Ha. But I tell u, cute pics of that handsome boy are always the perfect way to go.

  2. So I love that he’s off center but I don’t like the shadow right behind him from the tree. I realize that this was an impromptu picture, but for when you start doing this professionally for families, I would make sure that big of a shadow isn’t there. I absolutely adore his expression and the lighting on his face. Amazingly well done, especially with no editing.

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