365 Day Photo Project – Day 14

Well, this picture sums it up.  Today was a crazy day.  Another early wake up for me and the boys (somehow my husband lucked out on the sleep front), so I decided to take them on a picnic for breakfast.  It ended up being colder than I expected for sunny Arizona, so our teeth were chattering away while we scarfed down our oatmeal and yogurt.   I was hoping to get some pictures of our peaceful picnic, but I could not wait to get back in the toasty warm car so I elected to skip that part of our adventure. 

Then tonight started.  Thor (nickname previously explained in an earlier post) was throwing tantrums left and right, flopping his body on the floor repeatedly.  Over what?  I still have no idea.  While all of this was going on my oldest (we’ll call him “Buddy #1” since my husband and I call him that sometimes) had the idea that we should give Thor a bath.  He was right!  That completely calmed him down.   What a perfect time for me to take some pictures for the day!  Then, all of a sudden, during Thor’s impromptu photo shoot, Buddy #1 walked into the bathroom….and….BAM!  He knocked his foot right into the step stool.  At that moment, I instantly thought to take this picture.   How horrible that that’s the first thing I think to do, but don’t worry, he’s fine.  He’s a little dramatic when he hurts himself as you can see. 

To fit my 1 week personal challenge, this photo has not been edited at all.  The lighting was not great in the bathroom so I had upped the ISO and set it to the widest aperture possible.  I actually like the noise in this picture and that the focal point is on his crinkled, angry forehead.  I think it kind of adds to the emotion of it.  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 14

  1. What mom hasn’t thought to take the picture first? Haha. It is too bad it’s a bit dark, but it still conveys the (melo)drama. Have you considered editing it anyways just to see how it would turn out?

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