1 Week Personal Challenge for my 365 Day Photo Project – Cool Camera Effects

My 1st personal challenge of no editing has ended and I am starting a new 1 week challenge; Cool Camera Effects!  There are so many different things we can do with our cameras that we never knew about, or we knew about but were too shy to try, so I wanted to push myself to go for it.  The rules for this personal challenge are:

1) Effect must be made with the camera and not with editing software.
2) The photo may be edited by cropping and color enhancement only (adding borders are ok too).

Any other photographers out there who are checking my blog out, I challenge you to join this challenge because I think it will be cool to see what other people come up with.  If you let me know that you’re doing this as well, then I will link your cool camera effects posts right here for others to check it out.


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