365 Day Photo Project – Day 18

So my week of “no edits” is finally over and this post is to fulfill my next personal challenge of using my camera to make cool effects.  Today I did my first attempts at “Panning”.  This is where you take a shot of a moving object and you move your camera in the same direction as the object.  It is supposed to create an effect where the moving object looks as if it’s stopped in mid-movement, but everything around it is blurry as if that is the part that is moving.

When I peeked out my window today I saw the kids in the neighborhood kicking a soccer ball around and thought this was the perfect time to try this cool effect out.  I kept my shutter speed relatively low (1/50)  along with a smaller aperture (f/16).  Of course I did a bit of editing (just some cropping and color enhancement, that’s it, I promise), but basically this effect came out really nice I think.  If I can maneuver it next time, I might try to use my tripod to get even better focus on the moving object.

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7 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 18

  1. This is So.Cool. i have also tried this technique and it turned out HORRIBLE. Can you remind me what kind of camera you are using? And, based on today’s photo it sounds like you must have a very steady hand 🙂

  2. Very cool. Only thing I wish was that the “still” object was bigger because it seems engulfed in the blurriness. I bet you’re right that a tripod would really help too. I’ve never heard of panning. Thanks for teaching me something new!

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