365 Day Photo Project – Day 19

I’ve always loved seeing photos where there’s a smooth and fluid waterfall.  I decided to tackle this effect today and try to make it significant at the same time.  My original plan was to submerge a trophy in the waterfall and have it peek out a bit making it look like the water is beating it down, and the trophy is fighting to win.  Unfortunately, that setup wasn’t working with the way our waterfall in our backyard is set up.  Instead I got this shot, which I love!  Doesn’t it look like the karate guy on the trophy is kicking the water to the side?  It wasn’t in the plan, but it just happened.  I find that most of my favorite shots work out this way.

To get this effect on the waterfall, I kept my shutter speed low (1/25)  along with a small aperture (f/16).  I tried using my tripod first because of the slow shutter speed, but I couldn’t get the right angles.  So I was really proud that this photo was taken while the camera was in my hands.  Again I did some color enhancement, but no cropping this time.  The composition isn’t perfect, but I don’t want to lose the kicking effect of the water, so I chose to leave the composition as is. 

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