365 Day Photo Project – Day 26

This morning the boys and I had a little bit of fun before heading off to school and work.  Buddy #1 put on his cape and he and Thor made a great game of pushing each other on a skateboard to the other end of the room.  It’s mornings like this that I wish we could win the lottery and just stay home all day together.  Hope you like the collage I put together.  I think I’m becoming a big fan of black and white all of a sudden.


6 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 26

  1. I love mornings like that..they are so few, u just have to catch everyone, including urself in the right mood, and I know in my house hold that’s rare. But very cute pics. Ryan almost looks bored in the color shot, bit its a very ‘ryan’ look. I am a huge fan of black and white. I can’t wait for u to start doing black and white with color splashes. Those are my fave…. good pics hun. Ur doing great. And I miss u already 😦 even tho we weren’t seeing much of each other there was comfort in knowing u were right there 😦

  2. That is a wonderful collage, and sometimes B&W is perfect in ways that aren’t even realized right away.

    Based on how well my little family melds itself together, we have such a great time together literally 98% of the time {discipline issues arise, but they do that to nearly everyone, so we’re not unique in that way}, and we often talk about how great it would be to be wealthy {but not famous, no thank you!!} in order to spend more time together!!!

    • So you and your husband are in the military? That must be hard. Yea, to be a stay at home mom was not something I could do, but I definitely have a lot of respect for the women who do that. It’s harder than going to work I think.

  3. My favorite is the black and white on the left. It brings out the smile in Ryan’s eyes more than a color photo would: I think. Good job!!

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