365 Day Photo Project – Day 27

We have had an exciting day today because Baby J is here visiting for the weekend.  He is Buddy #1 and Thor’s cousin and is growing up so fast, I had to take pictures of him while he was playing at the table.   I’m posting a few pictures because I’m having trouble deciding which to post.  I love the serious pose the best, but I wanted to share his laughter with everyone from the other pictures.  I gave the color photos a cooler tint to give it that polaroid feel.  I thought it brought something different to these photos.  Which is your favorite?


9 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 27

    • You are the first one to like one of the photos other than the middle :). Yea, he was giving me tons of cute facial expressions. I need to get more equipment for indoor photography though, the lighting in my house is horrible and fixing it after the fact is not that easy for me.

  1. I want copies. Love the pictures. You did a good job in capturing the moment, but the first one is my favorite. You can almost feel his smile and laughter. I like what you did with the backgroung.

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