365 Day Photo Project – Day 28

Wow, what a busy weekend we’ve had.  Monday was Buddy #1’s 5th birthday and we celebrated more times than necessary.  First was Saturday where we had a birthday party at the local kids museum.  All of his friends came and they had a blast!  That place is so much fun and they did a great job prepping and hosting the birthday party for us.  Then we had our own family birthday celebration on Monday.  He loved every moment of being the center of attention of course and had tons of fun at both celebrations, but that is mainly the reason I have not posted anything in a little while, so I do apologize.  Originally I was getting a picture ready for my next 52 week theme, which I thought was “Celebrating”.  Wouldn’t that have been perfect timing for that theme?  I can’t think of a better “Celebrating” picture than a birthday picture.  Unfortunately I just found out that was a mistake and is no longer this week’s theme.  This perfect “Celebrating” moment was too cute to pass up so I am posting it as my Day 28 photo.   He looks like he’s about to eat the cake, but he’s actually prepping to blow out the candles.  He’s a funny one.  Hope you like it and I hope you have something fun to celebrate soon.


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