365 Day Photo Project – Day 29

A good friend of mine shared a site with me the other day that hosts contests for Photography as well as other types of artistic design and I decided today that I would enter my first contest.  The contest title was “Two Stems”.  The rules of the contest were as follows:  Take a photo featuring two stems of something.  Plants (with or without buds/flowers), fruit, and wine glasses all have stems and will be accepted.  I submitted the first photo for the contest since you are able to see the 2 stems, but I love the second photo so I decided to post that here as well.  Which one do you like best (not for the contest, just in general)?

If you are interested in checking out the site, voting for the photography contests, or entering a photography contest yourself, click here:


6 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 29

  1. Both are way cool sharon. I like the first one better, but a more solid backround, black or something would have been neat. The 2nd one is neat too.hgow fid u get it all surrounded in white like that? What was ur backround, or camera trick?

    • The white background is actually the light coming in from the window and I overexposed the shot a bit. The glasses are on the wood bar, but with the light at the angle it’s at, it all looks white. Kind of cool I thought.

    • You know, I could see them being blown up big and put on the walls of a fancy martini bar type place, if such a thing exists. Haha. The colors are awesome!

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