Baby A and Family

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out and taking photos of adorable Baby A and her loving parents.  They were so helpful and patient and I loved that they brought the most adorable outfits for her to wear.  Below are my favorite photos from this session.  There were so many cute moments that I might have to post more later, but for now it is getting late and I must get some sleep.  Enjoy everyone!


7 thoughts on “Baby A and Family

    • Thank you! I do have to say, I was having trouble with that. We picked the best time, I know that..but wow, chasing that light and finding the right angles was really hard for me. But I know, the more I practice the easier it’ll get. It was definitely a different experience than my casual shoots I’ve been doing :). Thanks again.

    • Thanks! I love the second photo. I feel bad that the baby was crying, but in her adorable outfit with the bright green grass, she was so cute that way. I love the out of the ordinary photos, not your posey-posey kind, you know?

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