365 Day Photo Project – Day 47

Yesterday was a great day!  We took the kids on a little road trip to watch their daddy play in a volleyball tournament.  My husband hasn’t played in an all day tournament in a few years, so this was exciting for me because I love to watch him play. Of course this time I had to bring my camera and capture a few moments.  I don’t have any indoor photography equipment for this kind of thing, nor do I have a telephoto lens (I only have my 50mm) so it was tough to get a good shot, but here are a couple of my favorites.  Even after being on hiatus, my husband still is an awesome player and I think these show it.  I should mention, he’s the one in the white #9 shirt.


5 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project – Day 47

  1. Well, I looove volleyball and have played it all my life, but that man’s vertical jump is astonishing. You and he both ought to be sooo proud of him, wowy!! You took some amazing action shots, no kidding, I can’t believe how nothing in the action looks blurry, with the appropriate exception of his hand and the ball!

  2. Great shots!!! Hope my “little boy” didn’t hurt his knee. Can’t believe anyone can jump that high. Good work both of you.

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