N Family Portraits | Tucson Family Photographer

I just love doing family photography.  It brings old friends back together which is exactly what happened from doing this family session.  The young woman in these photos is an old college friend of mine.  We met on a study abroad program in a small town in Spain and there were only 25 of us, so we were bound to hang out all the time.  Both of us love to experience different cultures and we definitely had some good times on that trip.  So, when planning this session it was beyond perfect when she mentioned having it at the Degrazia Gallery.  There is nothing better for her and her family than to showcase the wonderful culture of Tucson.  Take a look at some of the amazing photos we were able to capture.  

Also check out this amazing blog of hers for finding family events in Arizona, Couponing tools, and much more: 

**I will also be featured on her site with a photo session giveaway, so if anyone lives in or knows someone who lives in Tucson, stay tuned to enter to win.


3 thoughts on “N Family Portraits | Tucson Family Photographer

    • I loved the cowboy hats too! I mentioned they might want to bring something and when she said, “I think we have a couple cowboy hats” I immediately said, “YES!”. And the photos came out exactly how I pictured them in my head. I love it when that happens.

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