Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship


Friendship is something that means a lot to me, as I’m sure it does most people.  The longest friendships I’ve had are with two amazing people; one person that I met in kindergarten and has been my best friend ever since (you know who you are); the other is my husband that I have been together with for the last 15 years (wow, I hope you know who you are).  These two people have shown me what true friendship is all about and I fully appreciate them for it.  Here is a photo that I think expresses friendship so innocently and made me think of these two amazing people in my life.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

    • Thank you! I love the color version of this pic, but for the mood I wanted I thought the black and white was best. So another best friend marriage :). That’s always the way to go I think. No one will ever know you more.

  1. Not only is the picture beautiful, but what you wrote about your husband and best friend is even more beautiful.
    I felt and still feel the same way about my best friend after 40 years, your father..

  2. Of couse I LOVE the photo of my two grandkids!
    One of my long-time friends (71 years of friendship) just died…:(
    Grandma Donna

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