Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


As a parent, I hear so many comments about what’s right and wrong for a child. It bothers me that there are so many judgements out there regarding parenting and children and I have come to my own conclusion, I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to let my kids do what’s right for them no matter what the judgments are.

Which leads me to my oldest son’s obsession with skeletons.  Some may say that letting my son be obsessed with skeletons is wrong, but I think it’s great. He loves fossils, bones, skulls, all of it, and he says that he wants to be a paleontologist one day.  He also says he wants to be a rock star, astronaut, and sea diver, so maybe he’s a little over ambitious, but it works for me.  These rings are by far his favorite accessory to wear (this might tie a little into his hopes of becoming a rock star) and he specifically requested me to take this picture.  He is so proud to show them and I am proud to share this with all of you.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. You know I am with you! I am told by my family ai need yo stop nursing my son is not even a year yet and all this advice that worked for them. I think many people forget thay children are not the same and each of them are their own person. So I think yoy are totally awesone with letting your son like something that might be his future career.

    • Dina, I don’t know you and I realize that, but my goodness, your son isn’t even a year old yet and people are telling you and/or suggesting that you stop breastfeeding?? I have honestly never heard of anyone suggesting to stop before a year; there’s so much that the baby gets from breast milk in the first year! Beyond a year, when it’s time for sippy cups and solid foods, well, I’m leaving that alone. 🙂

    • I can’t believe they are urging you to stop so soon My GOAL was a year with both of my children (it is a tough thing to do). I made it to 6 mos. of breastfeeding with my oldest and then 9 mos. with my youngest. I was so proud that I went as long as I did, but always wished I went the full year as it is recommended. Definitely keep doing what is right for you and your baby and don’t let anyone tell you different. Even if they are your family.

    • I think family always means best but they think that my son doesn’t need milk anymore. They didn’t really like that fact that I decided to breastfeed because they thought it would be too much work…just like when they found out I make my own baby food…:P I really want my year with my son and I’m so close to it, if we decide to go a little long then I’m all for it. 🙂 I wish that people would worry about their own kids you know? Rather than voice their opinion about what your child is or isn’t doing. Thanks for the support!!!

    • You sound like you are doing an amazing job! That stuff is hard work, but it’s worth it when it’s what’s best for your child. Even if your little one doesn’t always show their appreciation for it. BTW, I started having my kids eat organic food. It is tough, but it makes me wish I had made my own baby food when they were little. It’s so much healthier for them.

  2. I think that’s a wonderful photo, his interest in skeletons is perfectly awesome, and people can just stop assuming that there’s something sinister behind appreciation and fascination of skeletons, skulls, etc. My son currently loves the color pink, can’t get enough of pink, but then people OF COURSE assume that he’s a girly boy. NO, he loves pink, not girly, PINK. I grew up a total tomboy and preferred Hot Wheels over Barbies and dolls. My little family thinks I turned out ok {still prefer Hot Wheels over Barbies}, so people and their opinions can just go fly a kite! Lastly, what a perfect photo to go with the theme!

  3. Even the doctors are losing their marbles and forgetting there are more than one way to do things – none of them wrong. (Don’t get me started on not feeding solids to your kids until 6 months…) I wouldn’t worry about the skeletons. I have a 15-year-old obssessed with weaponry. He can name every rifle in every movie, and shoot airsoft with dead-eye accuracy. That said, everywhere we go, I get told what a kind, considerate and genuinely nice young man he is. He knows right from wrong and follows the rules when around them in controlled environments. He’s now eyeing archery as the sport pursuit of his desire… Whatever – it’s a form of education – he actually reads about the stuff and can spout facts until my eyes roll back in my head. And anything that gets a kid reading…

    • Awesome! I did archery as a kid and I LOVED it!! Yep, I think as long as they have ambition, that’s the best thing. It could be worse, they could not be interested in anything and not want to do anything. I would never want that.

  4. I just love reading Sharon’s commentary.

    And yes, you can’t live your life in fear of other’s judgments. If you do, you will be quite stymied !

  5. Dear Sharon…..
    jAdrian’s one piece at the piano that we videoed is called “SKELETONS” ! He made it up —-especially for Halloween 🙂

  6. So harmless! We had a girl in our High School youth group once who put a pink streak in her hair – her mom tried not to overreact, but was worried about what the leader thought. I knew the girl – I thought she chose a pretty low risk way to show some individuality. I told her mom she had a great kid, and if that’s the biggest issue she had, she was in great shape!

  7. I love the fact that you are giving your kid the freedom to dream.I’m sure by the time he grows up,he’ll figure out all by himself what really is his ambition…and that is only because he got such a cool mom..!cheers!

  8. You are a cool mom! I think the only thing we as parents can do is be proud of our children whatever or whoever they would want to be in the future as long as they are on the right track and do not harm anyone else. We shouldn’t be confounded on so many different parenting techniques to apply with our own child. Just as our kids grow, we parents grow as well.

    • I totally agree! I sit back and think about how our parents parented, and their parents, etc. Only in this generation is everything with children so micro-managed and judged it seems. You said it perfectly. Thanks.

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