Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


Hmmm….urban.  Well, I live in Tucson, which is very ecclectic and gritty in some areas so I knew I had lots of options for this topic.  I decided to go a slightly different route though.  I live in a completely residential area, and from time to time when walking with the family we find some different areas we never thought we’d see.  So I took this photo in a wash by my house.  We had these “decorated” sewer tunnels that the kids loved running in…it kind of reminded me of the fun things that I did as a kid (all kids would play in the sewers by their homes, right?)  :).  Ok, I might have been a strange kid, but I had friends who joined in on the weirdness…you know who you are.  For this project I’m trying different editing techniques, so excuse the massive differences between my photos, but I want to try to get the effect of the topic at hand.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. Good grief, this is a great photo. I’m with Pablo, the lighting is great, and with the look of the “graffiti” {for lack of a better term} says Urban! Dang, I really like this photo, been staring at it and pondering it for several minutes now. I think you captured it, truly. Oh, and I’m in northern Colorado but would drive to Tucson for a photo shoot 🙂

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