Sofia The First Birthday Party | Tucson Family Photographer

For those of you who have been awaiting my return to photography and blogging, I am back!  And I am so excited to be back.  I took a small break from photography to focus on myself and my children, but I could only stay away so long as I love capturing moments like the ones that you are about to see in this post.  And don’t worry, me and my children are doing great and I am ready to get back in the photography world again.

A few weeks ago, a great friend of mine asked me to be the photographer at her daughter’s Sofia The First themed birthday party.  I love her daughter, I love taking pictures, there really wasn’t much thought that I had to put into my decision, of course I would do it!  This friend also happens to be the creator of a local blog called, Arizona Families.  The blog is stronger than ever and has a Facebook fan count of over 4,700!  It is the go-to site to find out all of the family friendly things to do in Tucson and Phoenix areas, so definitely visit the blog and like it on here on facebook:  Arizona Families FB.  She also hosts amazing giveaways and supports tons of local businesses including myself.  So, the purpose for these photos was not only to capture the memories of this great occasion, but also to showcase all of the wonderful items and venue provided for this party to create a truly amazing event.  If you want to find out more about how Arizona Families organized this entire occasion, check out her blog post here:  Sofia The First Birthday Party

Enjoy the images!

The party was held in this amazing local Russian tea room called Kalina’s.  The food was amazing and completely brought me back to my childhood since my mom always cooked blintzes and stuffed cabbage just like the restaurant served.


The cake, cupcakes, and cookies were made by a Sweet Rush Boutique here in Tucson.  It was perfect for the Sofia The First theme of the party.  Can you believe how amazing this cake looks?!


The birthday girl was adorable wearing a specially made Sofia The First dress and necklace so she could feel like the princess she is at her 4th birthday party.  The dress was made by A Princess & a Pea and the Teagan and Tobe Boutique.



And finally, my favorite part of photography….the adorable princesses and knights that were guests at the party along with a couple of parents.



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