Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


Hmmm….urban.  Well, I live in Tucson, which is very ecclectic and gritty in some areas so I knew I had lots of options for this topic.  I decided to go a slightly different route though.  I live in a completely residential area, and from time to time when walking with the family we find some different areas we never thought we’d see.  So I took this photo in a wash by my house.  We had these “decorated” sewer tunnels that the kids loved running in…it kind of reminded me of the fun things that I did as a kid (all kids would play in the sewers by their homes, right?)  :).  Ok, I might have been a strange kid, but I had friends who joined in on the weirdness…you know who you are.  For this project I’m trying different editing techniques, so excuse the massive differences between my photos, but I want to try to get the effect of the topic at hand.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge


This topic made me think for quite a while, and I was hoping to share something completely new and imaginative.  Things that crossed my mind; merge a lemon and a lime together, get some grapes and put a smaller image of grapes inside it.  I think everything I thought of would have worked well with this theme, but unfortunately, my thoughts did not get executed due to a busy schedule and a family to take care of.  Luckily an epiphany struck yesterday when I was at the Tucson Desert Museum (which I had only been to once before) and saw a beautiful sunset.  I am sharing this image for this past week’s theme and hopefully you all feel that it is just as beautiful as my other image ideas would have been.  Except I think it may be better because nature did the merging of the sun with the landscaping for me, instead of me recreating it digitally.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


As a parent, I hear so many comments about what’s right and wrong for a child. It bothers me that there are so many judgements out there regarding parenting and children and I have come to my own conclusion, I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to let my kids do what’s right for them no matter what the judgments are.

Which leads me to my oldest son’s obsession with skeletons.  Some may say that letting my son be obsessed with skeletons is wrong, but I think it’s great. He loves fossils, bones, skulls, all of it, and he says that he wants to be a paleontologist one day.  He also says he wants to be a rock star, astronaut, and sea diver, so maybe he’s a little over ambitious, but it works for me.  These rings are by far his favorite accessory to wear (this might tie a little into his hopes of becoming a rock star) and he specifically requested me to take this picture.  He is so proud to show them and I am proud to share this with all of you.

J Family Portraits | Tucson Family Photographer

Well, I have definitely taken my time posting this family session on my blog.  Looking back, that day was a little nerve racking with the weather.  It was supposed to thunderstorm, but as you can see from the pictures, it turned out to be a perfect day.  I had such a great time with this wonderful family.  The kids were adorable and the pictures came out beautiful all around.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


I saw this beautiful flower the other day in a completely unexpected place, the mall.  An outdoor mall, but still, a mall.  I luckily had my camera with me and even luckier, the photo challenge this week is “Growth”.  I know it’s obvious, but what better way to portray growth than through a gorgeous plant like this one.  

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