52 Week Photo Project – Down

Well, it looks like with all the projects I’ve signed up for that I have a repeat of a theme, “Down”. I didn’t want to do the ordinary where I look down at my feet and see what’s there.  I think I’ve done that enough as you’ve seen in my previous posts of Valentine Feet, Mini Valentine Feet, and of course Weekly Photo Challenge – Down.  So, I started thinking while I was drinking some tea and relaxing by the tv (as I usually do lately), and when I looked down it was an easy answer.  Every night I drink some tea out of my newest favorite tea pot and of course, usually when I pour it I spill some (look “down” at the counter below in the photo).

I am pretty proud of this photo as it is my first attempt at some real advanced photo shop editing.  I had a pretty messy countertop when I took this photo and I used photoshop to clean it up and add some effect to it as well.  What do you think?


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